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Venture Capital

We facilitate B2B SaaS secondary offerings and direct investment opportunities through strategic partnerships. Through the joint ventures, investors gain access to proprietary AI tools that streamline the process of discovering, forecasting, and monitoring investment opportunities. This advanced technology empowers our clients with enhanced insights and efficiency, enabling them to make informed decisions in navigating the secondary market landscape. Additionally, our partner offers AI-based investment selection, leveraging data-driven algorithms to identify optimal investment opportunities. We also provide access to venture debt deals, allowing investors to participate in innovative ventures and diversify their portfolios with promising high-growth companies. Our commitment to leveraging innovative solutions ensures that investors have the tools and opportunities needed to succeed in today's dynamic financial markets.

At 20 Pine, we are technology pioneers, and this is embedded in our DNA. We advise major venture capital funds in the ecosystem and directly invest in primary and secondary deals  in the following verticals :

  • B2B SaaS

  • Deep Tech

  • AI

  • Space Tech

  • Biotech

  • Clean/Climate Tech

  • Fintech

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