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Private Equity

Headquartered in New York, NY, our private equity partners team brings extensive experience and expertise to the credit investment landscape. Our debt team specializes in securitized debt investing with a primary focus on infrastructure projects.

Our professionals collectively boast over 40 years of credit investing experience, including leadership roles at major financial institutions such as a large French bank where one served as head of loan products. With industry relationships spanning across 5 continents and major banks, we leverage this global network to access unique investment opportunities.

The credit fund strategy revolves around senior secured debt lending, offering a track record of successful deals sourced from leading banks. The Real Asset Fund targets large syndicated structured loans, providing a diversified portfolio of principally senior secured loans across different geographies and asset classes such as Oil & Gas Infrastructure, Renewable Energy Infrastructure, Real Estate (commercial/hotels), and Aircrafts. We employ a multi-dimensional direct deal sourcing approach, collaborating with top-tier international banks for origination and underwriting, thereby ensuring an opportunistic risk/reward profile for our investors. By leveraging these partnerships, we optimize fund-level expenses, keeping due diligence, underwriting, and origination costs efficient and streamlined.


We also offer a comprehensive suite of tailored services including leveraged buyouts (LBOs), earn-out structures, management buyouts (MBOs), infrastructure advisory, and specialized loan structuring

Team Expertise

Our team boasts extensive expertise in credit investment, with a specialized focus on securitized debt investing, particularly within infrastructure projects. With over 40 years of combined experience in credit investing, our members have held leadership positions at major financial institutions, including a prominent French bank.

Global Network

We have cultivated a robust global network spanning 5 continents, forging strong relationships with major banks worldwide. Leveraging this expansive network enables us to uncover unique investment opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Credit Fund Strategy

Our primary focus lies in senior secured debt lending, ensuring a conservative yet lucrative approach to credit investing. Our track record speaks for itself, with successful deals sourced from leading banks, showcasing our ability to identify and capitalize on promising investment opportunities.

Real Asset

Our Real Asset strategy targets large syndicated structured loans, offering a diversified portfolio of senior secured loans across various geographies and asset classes. These include:

  • Oil & Gas Infrastructure

  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure

  • Real Estate (Commercial/Hotels)

  • Aircraft

Deal Sourcing Approach

We employ a multi-dimensional approach to direct deal sourcing, collaborating closely with top-tier international banks for origination and underwriting. This ensures an opportunistic risk/reward profile for our investors while optimizing fund-level expenses through strategic partnerships. Our process emphasizes efficient and streamlined due diligence, underwriting, and origination costs, safeguarding investor returns.

Additional Services
  • Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs)

  • Earn-Out Structures

  • Management Buyouts (MBOs)

  • Infrastructure Advisory

  • Specialized Loan Structuring

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