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Liquid Funds

We offer a diverse range of liquid investment opportunities spanning fixed income, equities, commodities, and hedge funds through our partners. Our expert team curates a selection of investment options designed to meet varying risk appetites and investment objectives. Whether seeking stable returns through fixed income instruments, exposure to equities for growth potential, or diversification through commodities and hedge funds, we provide tailored solutions to align with each client's unique financial goals. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and a focus on risk management, we guide clients in navigating these liquid markets with confidence and clarity.

In addition to traditional investment offerings, we can help strcutrue special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and custom investment strategies tailored to individual client needs. Leveraging the expertise and network, we construct structures that cater to specific investment objectives, whether targeting a particular asset class or sector. Our bespoke investment strategies are crafted like a British tailor, meticulously aligning risk-reward profiles with client preferences and market conditions. This personalized approach ensures that each investment strategy is finely tailored to optimize returns while managing risks effectively.

Our London and Geneva partners can guide you and tailor your risk-reward appetite towards the appropriate investment strategies. We have developed expertise in the following investment theses:

  • Unconstrained Bonds

  • Long-Only Equities

  • Long/Short Credit

  • Long/Short Multi-Asset

  • Long/Short Commodities

  • Structured Credit (CLO)

  • Tailored Bespoke AMC Certificates issued by a major Swiss bank

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